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  1. I am a parent in Rockland County New York. I have four young children who are currently or have been enrolled in ahalfday kindergarten experience. As you are aware kindergarten is not mandated in New York State so therefore some school districts only offer half-day which we don’t agree with. There are over 700 school districts in nys and currently there are only six that are offering half-day kindergarten. We have close relationships with all six of the school districts. We also have close relationships with all of their senators and assembly members. I am also a full day kindergarten teacher for the past 15 years in Clarkstown New York. It is important that we join forces with you. I have a group of approximately 2000 parents which bridge across all parts of New York state including Long Island Rochester rush Henrietta and Albany. Together we can combine our efforts and help raise awareness of the need for early childhood equity across NYS. It continues to concern us that many children that are age 3 are receiving full day education with bussing while my own child is currently enrolled in a public school system at half-day kindergarten class. The current learning standards are based off a full day instruction for kindergarten. The new draft standards that the Board of Regents plans to vote on on June 9 are open for public comment through June 2. The board of regents and the state education department are encouraging all people to place their opinions and thoughts on the standards. We have encouraged our 2000 followers to do so and we hope that you do as well. Please call me so that we can join forces and strengthen our advocacy. We have gone to Albany several times and we can continue to do so. We currently have a bill that is in senate legislation and his plan to be voted on in the next week or two which was support funding for full day kindergarten. Before we start to encourage more you PK it is important that we keep in mind that not all children in New York State are learning from a full day kindergarten. We must close one gap before we make another. My phone number is 845 558-8419. I look forward to hearing from you and I truly believe that if we unite our advocacy then we can make a difference in a timely manner! Each day that we waste is another child’s learning opportunity tossed out the door.


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