Welcome to the Campaign for Educational Equity blog!

We are a research and policy center at Teachers College, Columbia University, that strives to define and secure comprehensive educational opportunities for all children. Headed by education scholar and legal advocate Michael A. Rebell and policy director Jessica R. Wolff, the Campaign is focused on achieving systemic change through research, legal work, policy development, and advocacy.

We hope this blog will serve as a catalyst for conversations around students’ rights, school resources, and educational opportunities. We will use the posts to share our work with you — parents, students, educators, elected officials, advocates, community members, media, researchers, CBOs, school officials. Additionally, taking a national perspective but with a focus on New York, we will share our analysis of education news from around the country and how these issues affect students. You can also expect posts from guest bloggers, including students and teachers.

To learn about the Campaign’s Safeguarding Sound Basic Education project, check out our recent Essential Resources and Deficient Resources reports, which enumerate the resources constitutionally required for a meaningful education and document the extent to which students across the state have (or lack) access to these basic resources. And please sign up to join our listserv, and connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.

Thank you for your interest and for joining us and our guest bloggers in an important dialogue to help solidify and secure students’ rights.

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