Michael Rebell weighs in on Kansas Supreme Court Decision

Michael Rebell was cited in The Wichita Eagle’s recent article on the potential for a public school shut down in Kansas if the state legislature fails to comply with the recent school funding rulings,  “The Kansas Supreme Court for more than a decade has been judging the Legislature’s efforts to comply with rulings against the state in both the Montoy and Gannon v. Kansas cases. The frustrated court threw down its hammer on May 27, ruling that if the Legislature didn’t amend its latest funding formula by June 30 to be equitable to poorer districts, the state will be barred from raising, distributing or spending education funds until it does. It wasn’t the first time a state high court – or even Kansas’ high court– had delivered such a mandate. But this deadline is particularly striking, said Michael Rebell, professor of law and educational practice at Teachers College, Columbia University. ‘This time the court stance is stronger’ Rebell said. ‘And the fact that they reiterated it this close to a deadline shows they mean business.'”

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