South Bronx Youth Share Educational-Rights Knowledge through Rap, Spoken Word


This past summer, the Campaign for Educational Equity (CEE) teamed up with THE POINT CDC, a phenomenal South Bronx-centered youth development organization, for a six-week series of interactive workshops based on our Know Your Educational Rights public-engagement model and THE POINT’s Camp PowerPoint program.

On August 11, youth participating in THE POINT’s Music and A.C.T.I.O.N. “majors”–having studied our Know Your Educational Rights handouts; interviewed students, parents, and other education leaders; and reflected on their personal in-school experiences–used their artistic talents to encourage their community to fight for educational equity!


Students, those who are most directly affected by educational rights violations and other educational injustices, must co-lead the fight for educational equity.

Our brilliant youth collaborators–supported by their artistic and community-organizing adult mentors and allies, and building on a rich tradition of youth activism–demonstrate the power and potential of their voices.

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