School Libraries and NY Students’ Constitutional Rights

Libraries_ImageToday’s school libraries do much more than circulate books. Essential functions of modern school-library programs include not only fostering a love of reading and research, but also working with classroom teachers to help students find, understand, evaluate, and apply information in order to solve both academic and real-world problems. Effective school librarians (also known as “school library media specialists”) are integral partners in helping students develop essential skills that prepare them for college, careers, and civic participation.

The New York State constitutional requirement to provide all students the “opportunity for a sound basic education” demands that all schools include a sufficient and up-to-date library media center providing a sufficient number of books and up-to-date instructional technology and software. 

Our team prepared a brief, user-friendly summary of students’ school-level, library-related rights because we believe that ALL parents, students, community members, and other key stakeholders should be empowered with this knowledge and fully engaged in efforts to protect and expand our children’s educational opportunities. This handout is part of our growing Know Your Educational Rights series

Please help us share this important information by forwarding this email to  your network,  sharing the related links from our Facebook and Twitter accounts, and printing copies for your upcoming meetings.

Thank you in advance!

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