CEE Is Part of Team Awarded Wallace Grant

The Campaign for Educational Equity’s Michael A. Rebell and Jessica R. Wolff are part of a Teachers College, Columbia University, research team that was awarded a Wallace Foundation grant to study the “collective impact” approach to tackling social and educational challenges. In recent years, local organizations and institutions in a growing number of U.S. cities are collaborating across government, business, education, and nonprofit sectors to seek solutions to educational inequity problems that exceed the ability of most single entities to resolve alone. The grant will enable the team to embark on a multiyear study of this approach in three mid-sized cities.

The research team is led by Jeffrey Henig, professor of political science and education; and Carolyn Riehl, associate professor of sociology and education policy. Both are in Teachers College’s Department of Education Policy and Social Analysis. The TC team was selected in part because of CEE’s ongoing work on “comprehensive educational opportunity.” The new Wallace-funded project will allow CEE to delve even more deeply in to this important area of policy and research.

We look forward to updating you about the project. Please find an article about the grant on the Teachers College website here.

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